Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Three for March

I had a pretty good record for Traceyjay's Just Three feature for December and January...did I keep it up in February?  Let's see...

February's goals were:

1. Complete Gen X Quilter's Sisters' Ten BOM Susannah blocks - check!

2. Finish Little Bookworms - check!  I mentioned that I had a special goal and since I met my self-imposed challenge, I wanted to share...our little town's library has a very cool feature that each month, a resident is chosen to be the Artist of the Month.  You get a write-up in the library newsletter and on their website and selected works are hung around the library for the month.  Well, I am the Artist of the Month during March!!  So I really, really wanted the Bookworms to be finished so I could feature it in the library - how perfect is that?  The children's librarian has talked about making a little game of pointing the characters out to kids coming and going during the month - it just makes me happy to share it with everyone!

3. New shower curtain inspired by Rachel at Stitched in Color - I loved a very pretty shower curtain that she finished and wanted to do a version of my own with this color inspiration:

BWAAAHAA!!!!  Excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes....yeah, that just didn't even remotely happen.  I'm not quite sure how I thought I was going to get that fit in with everything else, but oh well.  To give myself a little bit of credit, I did buy some fabrics for it, but I've been doubting my choices as well as a possible pattern...I guess I'm just having a hard time making some final design choices.  I'll get to it eventually.

Now as for my March goals...

1. Complete the Sisters' Ten blocks for March.  It's already been released last Friday, so it's waiting around for me when I get to it!

2.  Our BMQG retreat is giving me the perfect chance to start working on the Anna Maria Horner feather blocks that I've been planning for a while.  I can't wait to see how they turn out.  I'm still not sure how large I'm going to make it or how many blocks I'll fit onto the top - I'm willing to fly by the seat of my pants on this one a little bit.

3.  Hexies!  I started working on this handwork project last month and have been working on it here and there.  I'm enjoying the process and really liking how its all coming together, so you can plan on seeing some of the larger pieces in progress during the month.

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  1. You had such a productive month!!! Can't wait to see those feathers... your fabrics are awesome:-)

  2. How much fun to have your bookworm quilt at the library! It is such a great place to show it off.

  3. YOu got good work accomplished this month! I think it's good to set our goals a tad past the realistic reach, because if you do get more done than you'd thought you might, there's still some direction to the drive for work to happen, you know?