Saturday, February 23, 2013

Salty Sisters in February...

Well even though I was super on top of my January blocks for the Gen X Quilter's Sisters' Ten BOM, the Little Bookworms have pretty much consumed all of my sewing time for the month.  February most definitely has fallen to the back burner...until now, that is! 

The block for February is called Susannah - and the hardest part was picking which fabrics to use!  My plan going forward is that for each month I will do one block mostly in green and one mostly aqua with a couple splashes of coral thrown in here and there for contrast.  This month because there were only two fabrics beside the background, coral got set aside, but I was still pretty happy with my pull. 

Even though the middle swatch isn't nearly as big as the Grandmother's Frame blocks, it's still pretty great for fussy cutting, so the green focused on the seashells and the aqua was perfectly framed around a pair of seahorses.

So my finished blocks are looking pretty good and didn't take too long to put together. 

My biggest problem was that after working with the Bookworms so frequently over the past month (where I'm not too concerned with hitting a precise quarter inch seam), I had pretty much blanked out on exactly where my scant quarter inch position was and so my seams on the green block were a, ridiculously off.  I ended up self-correcting by the time I did the aqua block.  I'm sure that I'll end up going back and redoing the green block so that they're precise, but I'll leave that for another day.

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  1. Fabulous;-) I love how you fussy cut those seahorses and octopi!!!

  2. Such a pretty color combination. Thanks for linking up!