Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Proud Mama...

Lately I've been working on some handwork with my hexie project and cross-stitching and it has caught the attention of my oldest daughter.  One day while I was working on the Princess Bride pattern, she said, "Mama, can I do some sewing too?" 

Can you?  Absolutely!!  Ever since I saw this post from Dining Room Empire, I've just been waiting until one of the girls showed an interest to break out this activity - turns out I didn't have as long to wait as I expected.

I let her pick 3 floss colors out of my massive box and I think she has a nice eye for color combinations.

Then I set her up with the smallest hoop that I had and a small swatch of aida fabric and let her go to town.  A little coaching about going from the top and the bottom and pulling your thread tight...

We sat together side by side doing a little stitching until I just couldn't hold it in anymore and ran to get my camera.

Her finished result - pretty darn good for four and a half!  But that could just be the proud mama talking. 

Far and away the best part?  We're both sitting and stitching (watching Princess Bride, coincidentally) and she turns to me and says, "Look mama, I'm a good sewer like you!" 

Sniff, sniff....


  1. That's adorable. You need to hang that somewhere for everyone to see. I see inspiration for your next quilt - maybe for her next birthday?

  2. I actually like it, it's the abstract version of cross stitch :) And it's wonderful that she's taking an interest in what your doing!

  3. That's how (and probably when) I started! Pretty sure my mom still has my, uh, sampler. :)

  4. I loved reading this post, I have a 3 year old God-daughter and can't wait for her to do a bit of sewing - as at the moment, I get a bit freaked when she goes near my workplace... I'll have to let go of the control freak part of me...