Friday, February 15, 2013

Feather Brain...

A while back when I was tossing ideas around, I posted this inspiration picture:

Even while I was typing the post, I connected the dots between that gorgeous color combination and this patchwork feather pattern by Anna Maria Horner.  I couldn't get it out of my head and fell more and more in love with the idea, so much so that (of course) I started buying fabrics here and there. Now I think I've built up a good but not too crazy pile that is all ready to be stripped and cut into feathers!

The deep purple with pink and the pink with gold swirls are my two favorites of the bunch.

And check this one out - this is all one swatch of fabric, but the strips each have different patterns. I can cut this up and make it look like I bought 6 different fabrics!

I went back and forth while choosing a solid for the background - I was originally leaning toward a light yellow like Kona's maize but when I brought them all together, I just wasn't feeling it. Instead I played it kind of safe and went with Eggshell (I think).

But that feather pattern looks like an awful lot of work that is going to take some serious time.  It's hard enough getting the girls to leave simple blocks alone and unstepped on (Site Note:  The peril of not having a design wall is that you have to spread out blocks on the floor at random points.  This creates some kind of siren song for children.  They see something on the floor and have to immediately run over and step all over it.).

Thankfully, the BMQG annual retreat is coming up in March.  Circumstances as they are right now, I couldn't manage to make the entire weekend but I was so excited to hear that they gave us the option of a "day pass" for the retreat - come up and spend as much of the entire day sewing and socializing as we can manage and then go back home for wrestling children into pajamas, teeth brushing, and bedtime.  Sounds like a good compromise to me!  So my stacks of fabric are washed and pressed, my templates are cut, and I am counting down the days to the retreat to begin my feather brained madness. 

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  1. It will be beautiful! I look forward to seeing you at the retreat. You are more prepared than I am though. I have to get my things together soon.

  2. I love how the floral inspiration translates to your fabric! Also, this is the perfect kind of project for retreat. You will be glad you were so prepared - it's amazing how much one can get done with 6 uninterrupted hours to sew. I have to figure out what I'm bringing!!!

  3. Gorgeous,gorgeous fabrics to work with. :D

  4. We are leanving home at 6 am and not returning until 10 pm, right?!! Can't wait!

  5. Such beautiful fabrics! And the stripy one is a very clever find. Your quilt will be gorgeous :)