Friday, February 8, 2013

Very, Very Late to the Party...

I did a little fun magazine and book shopping a few days ago - they're like candy for crafty adults but get set aside and ignored until the blissful two hours in the afternoon when both girls are napping.  If you haven't checked out Quilty magazine yet, its definitely worth a look!  As for my new book, Hexa Go-Go by Tacha Bruecher...well, I don't know if you've heard of this crazy trend sweeping the quilting world called "the hexie." Oh wait.  That's old news?  Like 2 years old?  Yeah, I'm pretty behind the times.  But I might actually be catching up.

Honestly, I've been reading about other people's hexagon quilts for a while now and loved seeing the final result, but they just seemed so labor intensive!  I've tried handsewing before and it's just not my thing.  That and I didn't really see any designs that I was crazy about.  But a few weeks ago, I saw a couple of bloggers doing hexies in a snowflake pattern and that peaked my interest!  I decided to do a little playing around with my fancy-schmancy quilting software (cough...I copied a jpeg into Paint and used the rinky-dink "fill" feature...cough) to do up a couple potential designs that I truly love. 

I honestly couldn't decide between a sunset color scheme with white outlines (just ignore the black hexies in the sketch and imagine white instead) or a green/blue/purple combo with black outlines that reminds me of stained glass.  So I went the truly overboard road and decided to do both.  I'll do a smaller hexie size for the sunset scheme and it will be like my practice run for the larger stained glass version.  And I'm going to TRY to relax and do it here and there whenever I can.   After all, you're supposed to take your time with hexies, right?

Oh yeah, there's one more thing that I'm really late to the party to discover...Downton Abbey.  I realize that it's been the toast of tv for a while now, but Season 1 has been sitting on my Netflix queue for ages and I decided that sitting down with some hexie fun might be a good way to check it out.  Several days worth of the girls' nap time later and almost into Season 2, I am hooked!  I'm rooting for Mr. Bates and Anna while whipstiching and booing the awful O'Brien and dastardly Thomas as I'm basting my fabric.  It's just so darn good...I know that I'm going to fly through all the episodes too quickly. 

Yep, I'm enjoying this project so far.  My only regret is that I was so late to begin with.

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  1. I love this post! I am also late to the party with Downton Abbey - I only saw the first 2 seasons recently and I enjoyed it as well. I am intrigued by your hexie plans - I got swept up in the craze when it all started and I haven't done anything with all of the "flower garden" blocks I made..... But now I have that Hexa GoGo book and I am doing the quilt on the cover - it's not purely hexies - so I think I can handle it.....

  2. I'm late to the Hexie party too - if you figure out how to make it work, or less intimidating - share :)

  3. I'm always ALWAYS late to nearly every party! Do you own thing, on your own time schedule. That's my philosophy...

    Thanks for linking up this week!!