Sunday, March 3, 2013

Anybody Want a Peanut?

Sometimes my girls surprise me. Here they are, ages two and four and a half and a decent amount of things scare them - people in crazy face paint, dinosaurs, that kind of thing. But apparently these are okay:

Just in case you don't immediately recognize it, they are known as ROUSes - that's Rodents of Unusual Size and they are prominently featured in the fire swamp scenes of The Princess Bride. We've had this DVD for a while (it's an old favorite of mine), but ignorant mother that I am, I assumed that it was a little too old for them.  But they managed to catch a glimpse of it on AMC a while back and loved Buttercup and Westley and their "love, twoo love" and begged to watch the whole thing.  I don't think they've gone a week without watching it a couple of times since then!

At this point, you might be wondering why I'm talking about movies on a sewing/crafting blog and telling me, "Skip to the end!"

As you wish.

I've done my fair share of large projects lately, and I've been craving something that will move along quickly and still be satisfying. I did quite a bit of cross-stitching before I ever even learned how to operate a sewing machine, but I haven't picked it up in ages (mostly because concentrating enough to count stitches with babies crawling around just doesn't mix). Enter Liz, a fantastic blogger and friend from the BMQG who introduced me to Wee Little Stitches, an adorable Etsy store selling cute patterns. Considering the girls' latest movie obssession, their Princess Bride pattern seemed a clear choice as a cute decoration for their room.

Overall, I loved the pattern - cute, uncomplicated but different. I changed one tiny detail - everyone's eye pixels are supposed to be black, but I made Westley and Buttercup's blue - just makes them stand out a bit more. My only real complaint was a couple of color choices in the pattern. I mean, we're talking about a DMC floss that has hundreds of colors, so you really have your pick of any hue. But some of the colors that the pattern specifies really melt into each other a bit too much to make the pattern noticeable. I'm especially looking at you, Inigo Montoya...I mean, you really can't even tell that there's a belt surrounding his middle except for the tell-tale gold buckle. And the shirt and the hair melt all together, so he looks like one long brown letter A.

These are two different colors, but you really can't tell the difference - especially when stitched on aida fabric!
I did really love the inclusion of metallic floss to add a little sparkle to Humperdink's crown, Buttercup's belt, Fezzini's shirt and everyone's belt buckles.

Oh, and did I mention that the week I found them, they were having a sale? So I ended up getting not only the Princess Bride pattern but the Superhero Alphabet pattern as well - it's SO cute and would be great either all on it's own or perhaps made into a pillow!

I'm sure that I'll be sewing at the machine again soon, but this is a nice break.

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  1. Oh Princess Bride is one of my favourite movies! Loved this post - and love the cross stitch!

    Nice work passing on the Princess Bride love to the next generation! ;)

  2. Love that! I love the sparkly thread!

    My boys love the 80's movies - especially the Goonies!

  3. Very cute! I totally agree with Inigo's color scheme...seems they could have done better there.