Sunday, December 14, 2014

Welcome to the Clutch Factory...

First off, I've got some winners from my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!  I loved reading about everyone's fabric fails - we've all made them and (more often than not) they are too numerous to count or remember :)

So now that all four Far Far Away clutches are out the door, I've started making some more - and first on the list was one to match my brocade Super Tote.  I thought that the original clutches were beautiful but a smidge squishy, so for these new ones, I added a layer of Craft Fuse to the outside panels to give them a little more weight and a sturdier shape.  Now I think they are perfect!

I loved how my Fox Field clutch turned out so much that I'm making a couple more duplicates. If I keep this up, I'll be all set for my end-of-the-year teacher gifts before the end of 2014!

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Farmer's Market and Selfish Super Tote...

Have you ever bought fabric that you thought would be perfect for something specific...and then it sits in your fabric bins for YEARS before you finally get around to actually sewing with it?  Yeah, I know you have.  I bought this beautiful Brandon Mably fabric called Burlesque Brocade at Mardens at my first BMQG Retreat two years ago and thought that the large scale print would be perfect for a bag.

It is SO satisfying when you prove yourself right.  Bonus is that this bag is all MINE and I positively love it!

The last time I made Noodlehead's Super Tote pattern, I thought it was super easy to follow and made a gorgeous finished product.  If I didn't have to work in such stops and starts, I could probably bang this bag out in a day.  As it was with the littles, it only took 2 days from start to finish.  Okay, 2 years and 2 days.  But still.

I used my black and white Madrona Road text prints for the pocket binding, the handles, the gusset and the recessed zipper facings and I love the contrast between it and the bright print.

Plus, I got to fussy cut the binding so that my favorite text was prominently featured.  The pink geometric print is one of the Cotton & Steel basics that I got in a "berry" solid bundle.  It's such a great compliment :)

The interior is a complimentary light blue Lizzy House from the 1001 Peeps line, and the pockets are my bright brocade.  This bag holds SO much and has become my go to errand/library bag.  In two weeks, it has already gotten a lot of use!

We are clearly on another Mo Willems kick...
I still have a decent amount of the print left and I'd like to make a medium sized complimentary clutch that I can toss in the tote and then take out during small errands.  Anyone have a great clutch pattern to recommend?

So....while I was making one bag, I figured why not make two?  The annual SMQG Yankee Swap was coming up the first weekend in December and we were asked to make a handmade item to swap.  I wanted to get rid of some fabrics that I bought for something specific (again) but so much time had passed that my original idea was no longer necessary for our house.  I couldn't really see using these Alexander Henry "Little Green" fabrics in anything else, so why not "get rid" of them with a Farmer's Market Super Tote?

I just couldn't resist more fussy cut binding - food related, of course.  Besides, how can you resist super bright green lining and a kiwi green zipper?

But in making this, even though I love how it turned out, I think I majorly broke a swap rule.  I could have sworn that the rule was that you could make anything if it cost under $30...which it totally was! But then when I was all done and feeling quite proud of myself, I reread the swap post and it said a "small item" like pincushions, pouches, etc.

Oops.  Super totes are definitely not small.  But look how many groceries this bag can hold!

I felt very much relieved when several other medium sized bags were gifted during the swap as well.  Phew!  But this Farmer's Market Super Tote is living with a very grateful recipient and I hope will get used as much as my own :)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Turning Fail into Fabulous...with a Giveaway!

I had some really, really good intentions for a bit of selfish sewing.  I was going to make myself a super cute skirt with flair.  Two colors of tulle flair with shimmery fabric and Heather Ross Far Far Away scrumptiousness to be exact.

"Pattern?" I chuckled.  "I don't need a pattern - I've been on a clothing roll and how hard can a simple elastic waist skirt with tulle be?"  I think we all know where this is headed...

Looks innocent and cute enough while it's lying on the ground...but people, this was NOT a cute skirt on my body. I cut the topskirt layer too big so that it gathered way too much.  As if that wasn't bad enough, I cut the 4 layers of tulle and the shimmery blue underskirt not large enough so that the amount of gathering on those layers was just...weird.  Volume was not my friend here.  But honestly, I don't really know what I was thinking to begin with.  My bottom half doesn't really need any extra volume, so even if I had executed this properly, it still probably would not have had me looking my best.

This skirt was NOT leaving my house on my person.  But all that fabric waste made my heart (and wallet) hurt.  It was just too pretty to let sit rolled into a sad ball in the bottom of my closet.  After seeing some very cute clutches and bags at our SMQG Yankee Swap this past weekend, I went searching for During Quiet Time's Ruched Happy Bag pattern and went to work.

Fabric saved and a fail turned Far Far Away fabulous!!  Even the shimmery fabric got saved as a nice decorative detail.

I was so excited about the ability to make lemonade from my lemon skirt (plus I had a TON of skirt that needed to be chopped up) that I pulled a few more colors from my stash and started a clutch factory.

And hey...did you know that today is Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day??  How fabulously convenient!  I've made a few and I'd like to giveaway more than one clutch - just means more chances for you to win :)  

So here are the rules:  Leave a comment and tell me one of your fabric fails - or if you've been lucky enough to not have one!  Don't forget to tell me your favorite colored clutch :)  Leave a second comment if you follow my blog AND leave a third comment if you follow me on Instagram (@simplesewendipity).  I will ship internationally, so don't be shy if you're not in the United States - the more, the merrier!

The comments will close on December 12th at 8pm EST and winners will be notified on December 14th.  These would make a really cute gift for someone or (even better) a gift for yourself!  Can't wait to hear from you all and enjoy the giveaway here and at all the other link ups :)

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Monday, December 1, 2014

A Fashionable Princess...

Novelty fabrics - I am not usually a fan.  Well, maybe I should clarify that I'm not usually a fan of "licensed character" novelty fabrics.  But at the beginning of the summer, I can across a bolt of this fabric called "Fashionable Princess" in the Disney novelty shelf of my local Joann Fabrics.  

It looks darker in this stock photo, but in real life the background of this is a very pale pink.  Disney Princess but with a little more sophisticated look?  And I had a store coupon?  I bought the rest of the bolt.  And there it sat, making me feel guilty all summer long.  My only saving grace was that the kids had no idea that I bought it, so I wasn't getting asked "Did you make my dress yet?" on a daily basis.

But when I stumbled across the Poppy's Peekaboo Dress pattern by Create Kids Couture, I knew that I needed to get off my butt and start sewing.  I grabbed a simple black polka dot as the accent fabric and got going.

I did want to fussy cut one of the princesses for the front bodice and Belle was the one to make the cut for this version.  Unfortunately, that meant that the entire pattern piece was cut on the bias, so I Best Press-ed it to death and that kept it from stretching out.

The pattern has a few really nice detail touches that make it stand out from the crowd but it was really, really simple to follow.  The back view is just beautiful!

I still have plenty left in my stash and my oldest has already specified that she wants her version to be more about Snow White.  While I'm not planning on making another Poppy, I've got a pretty clear plan in mind.  It's in the queue, kiddo.  

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Friday, October 10, 2014

A Bee-autiful Year...

After last summer's amazing Plum & June Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop, a bunch of us new bloggers joined together to form the ScrapBeeLicious hive.  Thirteen of us started making blocks last August and we just wrapped up the year this summer!  The goal was to dip into our stashes and use up our growing scrap bins with fun and challenging blocks.

Looking back at the entire year of requests, I finished a grand total of 22 blocks over 13 months - not including my own.  There was quite a variety of techniques that we got to try out!  We did paper piecing, applique, flying geese, half square triangles, curves, improv piecing, and simple squares.  I know that I tried quite a few different block patterns that I never would have considered if I wasn't prompted!

I tried to blog about each month individually, but the last few months of the bee just got away from me and even though all my blocks were sent out, I didn't get a chance to post about them!  Which was a shame because Michelle, Stephanie, and Robin Sue requested some really nice blocks.  Take a peek...

In June, Stephanie asked for two Flock of Flying Geese blocks.  Cath was nice enough to create a paper-pieced template for all of us in just the right size.

I made one just from scraps of my Wavelength mini and the other in my typical rainbow palette.  With a bunch of fussy cuts, as always. :)

In July, Michelle asked for two Drunkard's Path blocks from Angela Pingel's book, A Quilter's Mixology.  AND she even bought us the book if we didn't already have it!  It was quite a treat to get that one in the mail - it was a book that I had been wanting to get but just hadn't gotten around to it yet!  

I was pretty nervous about it - I had never tried curves before.  But the instructions are so clear and simple that it really makes those curves a cinch to tackle!  Before I knew it, I had made four blocks.  Honest to goodness, these were the quickest bee blocks to make out of the entire year!

I don't know how some of you out there manage to be in multiple bees and swaps at the same time - it was hard enough for me to fall behind and I was only in the one.  I'm taking a bit of time off from the bee circuit, but eventually I think I'll get back in the game again.  It was lots of fun and pushed me to try new patterns, techniques, and color combinations that were out of my comfort zone.  If you're at all on the fence about joining one, give it a try.  What do you have to lose, except for scraps?

Thanks for a fun year, ladies!
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