Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm Going to be in Hot Water...

...or at least I would be if my husband actually read my blog.

These are simply awesome

The fabric binge has officially turned into a gorge-fest.  It's gotten a teensy bit out of control and I think I'm going to ban myself from buying fabric for 6 months...

It all started innocently enough when I had to buy extra fabric for the backing and binding for my feather quilt (mere days after the last binge wrapped up).  I did get these Joel Dewberry cuts for a total steal, after all!

But then this week when I was sorting out my scraps for the Alphabet Lesson quilt, I realized that my stash was a little slim in the red bag.

Some Dear Stella, Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt all mixed together...
And then...and just sort of became a rolling ball of fabric buying.  Because I had been eyeing this panel from a magazine for months - and the store had only one left!

And then, then I couldn't resist all the bolts of Mormor that were all lined up...

(Side bar:  I hate, HATE when this LQS rips the fabric instead of cutting it with a rotary cutter...all those messy strings and the extra shredding...)

And then there weren't even any more reasons except for a total lack of self discipline.

I started losing track of fabric names/designers at this point...
...except for this cute Kokka fat quarter!
Holy moly.

Let the fabric shame commence...

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  1. OMG I HATE it when they rip fabric. It wastes so much.

    I love every single cut of fabric that you bought. LOVE. IT. ALL. You have great taste. I foresee a future of much enjoyment :)

  2. Wow! Fabulous stash! I guess LQS trips are much better than online ones. With online you never come to realization how much we have spent until the credit card bill shows-up.
    Enjoy your beautiful fabric collections!

  3. YUM. So many awesome additions! There's too many awesome prints to comment on, but I will say I LOVE that panel. :)

  4. Joel Dewberry is one of my faves. Enjoy your haul! :-)

  5. I love all of your fabric! Great choices. That panel is so cute, and the kolkka fat quarter is darling.

  6. Oooooohhhh. I think its been contagious, because I went on a fabric buying bender too this week. Too many quilts to plan and too many tempting pretties. :D

  7. At least you bought beautiful things! Those Joel Dewberry ones are just gorgeous.

  8. We don't play the shame & blame game;-) I know you'll put it all to good use... I couldn't resist the Mormor either!

  9. I've got Mormor in several shopping carts right now and I'm just waiting to press buy. I consider those all great buys. No fabric shaming going on here!

  10. OMG they ripped your fabric! That hurts my delicate fabric soul! So not allowed, bring your own rotary cutter next time!

  11. Ripping makes my heart hurt and shocks my soul! I'm lucky enough to have two LQS and I don't support the one that rips.

  12. Portsmouth FC are the rippers, no? I hate that too. I am seeing a trend of getting lots of blenders- they never get old. I have about 3 online shopping carts full of a few goodies right now- so far I haven't pulled the trigger but I really want to!