Friday, February 21, 2014

What's Bigger Than a Binge?

I've gone on some pretty good fabric buying binges before.  But while everyone else in the blogosphere seems to be doing some super productive destashing, I've been on the mother of all fabric buying sprees.  It's practically a buffet.

I can't tell whether this has been fueled by my discovery that I was pretty far under what I anticipated spending on fabric during 2013, the Fabric Extravaganza that is happening this weekend in Nashua, NH where there are some amazing fabrics available at $4-5 a yard(!!!), or by my current frustration at my feather quilt (which means that I'm itching to start something new and fresh), but either way I think I need an intervention.

Some Kate Spain and Amy Butler earmarked for some spring/summer dresses
The fabric that you're going to see the soonest put to good use is here - mostly made up of the Littlest collection from Art Gallery fabrics.  This is a super sweet collection that I'm going to use for a baby quilt to send off to family further away.  They don't know if they are having a boy or girl yet, so this gives me lots of opportunities for a beautiful combination of mint green, apricot and greys.

I added in some more random fat quarters, but I'm undecided between these two yellows - any opinions on which fits in best?

Here they are all together along with a cozy grey and light yellow flannel that I got for the backing.  It's going to be so pretty!!

Of course with some more black and white herringbone blocks to finish, I couldn't resist the call of some more black and white prints to add in...

And then a few more random fat quarters and cuts that I couldn't resist...

When I added it all up, there's 20 yards of fabric here. Granted, this includes larger cuts meant for clothing and quilt backings, but still.  20.  Yards.  People.

Oh, and did I mention that 4 more yards are still coming in the mail to finish up what I need for the feather quilt backing and binding?  You know what...forget I even just said that.


  1. I'm so glad I wasn't with you as I just got my tax refund and am sure I would have brought home at least the same amount as I can see some really pretty fabric you have there. I think you were remarkably restrained. lol

  2. Nothing better than a fabric buying spree! I like the yellow on the left. The grey in it goes better with the other greys. I also think you might consider taking out that red at the bottom, seems a bit strong for the project. Love all the new fabrics, though.

  3. I love that fabric pull - though I don't think either one of those really count as yellow. :D I'd say use them both, and add in that white and gray woodgrain you picked up too. And everyone needs a good fabric binge once in awhile -- and I think doing it while they were all on sale was very responsible.

  4. I am seriously jealous, especially after your recent Marden's run. Was lobbying hard for a detour thru Sanford on our way home this weekend but had to settle for dinner in Kennebunkport;-) Soon, very soon!!!

  5. What Sarah said. Both yellows and the woodgrain adds another low volume. I've also been in binge/hoard mode, adding to my collection. I've gone through and pulled out my least favorites and put them in a temporary pile, for either use or destash, but I tend to keep everything unless it's completely awful, figuring my daughter can use it for something or it'll be used somewhere, somehow. Retreat soon! Woohoo!

  6. Gosh, we have the same tastes and styles... and buying habits! I like the yellow with the overlapping circles since it echoes and sort of plays off the polka dots. Decided your pattern yet?

  7. I'd say both yellows, but if you're leaning towards using one, I would pick the brighter/bolder one that looks like it's maybe Madrona Road? Kate