Friday, March 28, 2014

ScrapBeeLicious Star Value...

This month's ScrapBeeLicious Queen was Liz at Beadqueene's Bits & Baubles and she asked for 2 Star Value blocks.  This block pattern is gorgeous and the full quilt design that it creates is really something special.

But these blocks are made up of very small squares (at least in order to make a 12" block, which we were!) - 2" and 2.5" blocks.  I was kind of concerned that my scrap bin didn't have enough low volumes to make each square unique.  I guess that means that I blocked out all the fabric buying mania, because when I added some strips from my most recent purchases, I had MORE than enough to work with.

Only about half the trimming from 1 block!!
Now this block is made up entirely of squares and HSTs - and all of those HSTs need to be trimmed down to create those perfect points.  That's a LOT of trimming!

But isn't all the work worth it? I certainly think so!

Of course I couldn't resist doing a bit of fussy cutting - this little Aladdin is my favorite addition.

And this is really a perfect bee block, because I simply cannot imagine having to make a quilt's worth of blocks like this all on my own. It would make most of us crazy!  Wise choice for the bee, Liz - your quilt will be stunning!


  1. Love the red scissors in the upper left corner!

  2. Your blocks are wonderful!
    I am truly impressed.
    Someday just maybe I'll be this good at quilting.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Connie :)

  3. Those blocks are going to look so awesome all together!

  4. Oh my...those are beautiful complex blocks! Amazing job!

  5. They're so beautiful! Thank you so much :). I love all the little fussy cut touches!

  6. I love them, Stephanie, especially with the addition of the fussy cuts. Those scissors!

  7. Yay! You finished! :D They're adorable - I'm starting to feel crazy enough to take these on, but maybe at a bigger size.... :D

  8. These are just amazing! Love them. Yes, they little tiny blocks pieced together look awesome. Worth all the effort!

  9. A lot of work for sure but definitely worth it. It is getting me inspired to deal with my scrap collection. It must be a collection, right (?), because I keep adding to it!