Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getting Ready...

I haven't been doing a whole lot of sewing lately, but there's an awful lot of prep work going on before next weekend's guild retreat.  I think the reason why I didn't get more done during the one day that I was able to attend last year is because so much time goes into ironing, cutting, and getting ready to sew.  I want to be able to make the MOST of my time away, so I'm trying to do as much advance work as I can so that when I get there, I can sew, sew, sew!

My main goal is to get a baby quilt top completely finished and basted.  Here's the my final (I think) pull for that project using a good chunk of Art Gallery's Littlest collection:

I did end up weeding out the darker coral, green, and gray fabrics in favor of sticking with more similar and muted color values, though I'll still probably whittle down one of the beige fabrics and I'm toying with replacing that brighter peach in favor of something more true to the apricot flowers.

Aren't these fussy cuts just the cutest?

So what am I doing with all this little cuteness?  I'm using this pattern from a back issue of Quilty...

Mine will be much lower volume with all of these gray, yellow, apricot and mint green tones - perfect for a gender neutral baby quilt!  For the background fabric in this pattern, I'm using this print from the Littlest collection which is white with the tiniest hint of coral and rose hues.

I'm also doing some prep work for my Alphabet Lesson blocks - I've pulled bags of scraps for each color and am busy needle punching 100 pieces of paper.  All this grunt work is sure to pay off big next weekend and I can't wait!


  1. Those are almost the same colors as the fabrics I'm cutting to take to retreat! Yours is going to look really great - very calming. Maybe I'm missing/forgetting something, but what's the needle punched paper for?

  2. these fabrics are going to be adorable. i'm so jealous of your retreat time - i can't wait to see what you get done!

  3. Sounds like we're all going to be super productive at retreat! I'm so excited to spend four days sewing away. It's going to be awesome.

  4. Your fussy cuts are so cute! I was glad to hear your thoughts about maximizing retreat time. I'm attending my first one in April, and I'm not quite sure how to prepare for it. It makes sense to do as much prep work as possible in advance. I hope you have a productive retreat!

  5. Oh, where did you buy those lovely bunny prints. I would love to have some ;).
    Its great that you're doing so much prep work. It would happy sewing for you at the retreat! Enjoy the retreat!

  6. This is going to be fabulous... I LOVE those bunnies!!! Can't wait for retreat, it's going to be like a sweatshop in there:-)

  7. Gorgeous fussy cutting! Hope you have a productive retreat :-)