Thursday, May 23, 2013

Superhero Catastrophe...

I mentioned a while ago that when I purchased the pattern for my Princess Bride cross-stitch pattern, I also purchased the Superhero Alphabet pattern by Wee Little Stitches.  I've been working on it pretty sporadically for the past few months but have about a quarter of it done.

I wanted all the rainbow of colors to really stand out against the light grey alphabet letters, so took a bit of a risk and bought "glacier blue" aida fabric.  I love it so far!

I was originally thinking that this would make the cutest pillow, so I bought a Robert Kaufman black on black dot and superhero panel print thinking that the cross-stitch could be framed in black and the panel could be a great pillow back.  I've been jazzed to work on it but it just keeps getting shuffled around in favor of other things.

But my husband was due for a dental procedure that required me to wait around for a half an hour and then drive him home.  Out came the superheros to kill some time..but when I took it out I noticed two mystery stains - one hovering about the Hulk and one very close to Mysterio.  No worries, I thought, and took out my Tide-to-Go pen.

I think you know how this ends...

The pen, which I have never, ever had any bad experiences with totally stripped the color from my bright blue aida fabric!! Oh yeah, and it also magically managed to NOT remove the dirty mark.  Bonus.

So now I have a huge pattern that is marred with dirty marks (which by the way, I have no idea what happened - I always wash my hands before working on it!  I'm going to blame the girls because it's easy and convenient, but I seriously haven't a clue.) and a quarter of the way done.

Any bright ideas on how to avoid throwing in the towel and starting from scratch??  Bad experiences with fabric marks/spots that you'd like some sympathy for?  I am happy to oblige, so comment away!

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  1. Sorry to hear this - I wondered what happened when you mentioned it on FB. My only idea is to use that Tide pen on a scrap of the Aida cloth and attempt filling it in with maybe a marker that will match the Aida cloth? Also - is there any way to stitch over the marks? What a pain!

  2. Oh this is horrible! I used to do cross stitch and I know how it feel to get a stain on it. Well, could you cut it and patch it with new piece? - I don't know how that would really be. Sorry I'm really of no help.

  3. You know you must always blame the person that's not in the room! My two daughters threw out a cross-stitch piece I was doing as a wedding gift for my bff. Unfortunately, I just thought it was lost...and, after the garbage was picked up, I realized what had happened.

    Meanwhile, remember the quilting rule: If you can't see it while riding by on a galloping horse, then it's okay!

  4. NOOO!!! That's terrible:-( No tips but I will share that I CCSed a wedding gift for my brother and after I got it framed I realized you could just faintly see a handprint where I'd held it... I don't think they ever noticed but I can't even look at it!

  5. Those super heros are so cute! My husband spilled an entire super size coffee on the carpet and I never thought I would get it out but I read on the Internet about vinegar and baking soda. Took a few tries but it all came out. That might get your stains out and then the marker idea above sounds like the best bet.