Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quilts for Boston Update...

first quilt top done!
A BIG thanks to Natalie for letting me use of all these pictures - I was so excited to make a sew-in that I forgot to bring my camera!

After over a year and a half with the BMQG, I had yet to make it to a sew-in (I guess that's the danger of living a little further away from your guild's home base, but I digress).  However, being part of the Quilts for Boston project and having a sew-in on a weekend afternoon spurred me to change that!  We met up at the amazing gather here in Cambridge this past Sunday to see all the blocks that have come in for the project so far, invite others to make more blocks, start piecing together tops and backs and miles of binding!

quilts for Boston

A quick  note about gather here - I had never made it before, but it was SO worth the trip!  It's a place in Cambridge where you can buy gorgeous modern fabrics, a spectrum of yarns and embroidery thread and oodles of books and patterns for multiple kinds of crafts.  But they also have space where people can just come and create on comfy couches or using their Bernina sewing machines (such a great resource if you don't have crafting equipment at home!).  They also have a larger annex space for teaching classes and (thankfully) hosting events like our sew-in!  My husband asked me to tell him about it and I kept tripping over my words and not quite describing just how awesome it was...he interrupted me to say, "So it's basically like if you took the Project Runway workroom and Mood and smashed them together?"  Yes, it's exactly like that!  And yes, my husband is awesome.

Maritza's quilt top

I have to tell you that some of the notes and cards that came in with all of your blocks were so sweet and we're working on a way to get those beautiful thoughts delivered along with the quilts.  The ever-talented Natalie has started grouping all of the blocks in packets for all of us to assemble.  Some of them are samplers like you see above and some are focused on a single kind of block.  Check out this top made all of star blocks:

Virginia's star quilt top

And look - my stargazing block is in there!  Love it!!

sewing quilts for Boston
Alice and I working away - and of course chatting too!
I ended up taking a package of blocks home with me to work on and used my time to throw together 3 different quilt backs from our donated fabric.  There is still TONS of work to be done on this project.  Natalie is collecting all blocks being mailed in and reports that we are receiving enough blocks for  at least one quilt top every single day.  Wow.  We are just blown away by the response we have received.  Keep them coming - the deadline for blocks is May 24, so visit our Quilts for Boston page for details on how to participate!

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  1. Thanks for the update on the Boston Quilts. It is nice to see them coming together and you reminded me I had to post my blocks!

  2. wow. I'm so excited by this post! thank you for sharing and for all of your hard work along with your guild! these are all so beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the update. These look so good so far. I'm sure they will be well loved.

  4. That so great that there was such an awesome response! I hope to have a couple blocks to go out on Friday... Thanks for the update!

  5. It was fun to meet up every for a productive Mothers day evening. The quilts look awesome!

  6. So great to see you Sunday!!! It's so amazing to see this coming together:-)

  7. Love how these are coming together! It's fun to see some familiar blocks :)