Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crazy Bag Lady...

I think I might have officially hit my limit...

After a week of sweatshop purse making, I made a total of 9 medium and 5 small purses using the Pleated Pouch by Michelle Patterns  to give out to the girls' dance teachers, occasional daycare teachers and a couple extra for the giveaway and to stash away.

They were a big, big hit and I've already been asked to make more for friends and family, but I think I need a break.  I'm starting to sweat at the sight of the pattern pieces and it's made me ITCH to go back to my regular quilt blocks and projects.

Of course I did not plan my picture taking very well and since the last of the bags were finished the night before they were ready to give away, they did not get a nice outdoor photo shoot and we had to settle for the fluorescent kitchen lighting.

Some had buttons and some went plain depending on the fabric patterns...

These are not glamour shots, people.

Some didn't even get photographed at all.  Sorry purses - you deserved better!!

I do have a nicer photograph of the options available for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner though...

Congratulations Tamie!  I have sent you an email as well, so feel free to choose between the small geometric lime green coin purse and the larger Field Study in blue clutch or pink and green floral clutch (fabric unknown!) - let me know your choice and I will mail it out to you within the week.  I hope that you enjoy your new loot!

And as a little aside, a big welcome to all my new followers who discovered me through Sew Mama Sew!  This was my first time participating and I definitely plan to do so again the next time around.  I got some fabulous suggestions for teacher gifts.  I have quite a few years of gift-giving ahead, so they are all much appreciated and will be used.  I was bowled over by the sheer number of comments, so I apologize if you didn't receive a personal reply, but thank you so much for visiting and I hope that you enjoy reading along with my crafty pursuits!

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  1. Very nice! Each one is so individual - just like the teachers I'm sure. They will all enjoy the sweet gift.

  2. These bags are so cute! You did an awesome job!