Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Block Lottery...Take Two

Since my first attempt at the  SMQG block lottery was a bit of a failure, I needed to get going on my replacement blocks before the meeting this Saturday.  But stuff just kept getting in the way.  Big surprise, it got done only days before the meeting when I originally started at the beginning of the month.  It got done - that's the important thing.  And the results came out pretty great this time around!

Just to recap the gist of the lottery:  a block design and color scheme are chosen for the group.  If you feel like making a block, go for it - for each block you make, you donate $1 (a real bargain).  Each block is one entry into the lottery.  The winner gets all the blocks!

Samantha chose Greenleaf Goods' wonky pinwheel design with this gorgeous color scheme:

Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

The first attempt
I had originally wanted to make 3 blocks to up my chances since I loved this color scheme and block design so much, but my first attempt was slightly (but significantly) off.  I decided to use the opportunity to improve on a few things.  One of my purples seemed too deep for this scheme, so I stuck with the two lighter purple fabrics and just used more of them.  One of my neutrals - the beige polka dot - read too dark for my taste as well, so I stuck with the solid and the light vine prints.  And on the opposite end of the spectrum, one of my greens was so light that it blended right into the neutrals.  That got cut in favor of a few darker greens in solids and prints.

I thought that I had enough fabric to just leave my "mistake block" alone and start from scratch, but when I revisited my fabric pile, I had only enough of my neutral colors for 1 block more...not acceptable to up my chances for this lottery.  So I had a fun date with my seam ripper, a cup of coffee, and an audiobook to keep me company.

I think the effort and improvements totally paid off.  Now this is what these blocks are supposed to look like!  I can't wait to see everyone else's blocks and am keeping my fingers crossed that I win the lottery!  If not, there's always the next time around...but I am definitely keeping this color scheme in mind for myself!

On another note - boy does it feel like I'm just doing bits and pieces lately!  Small projects and stand alone blocks are great, but I still have a couple of custom quilts standing in between me and quilting/sewing for myself.  I have several bins of projects to be done (for me!) that I'm dying to get my hands on, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day...sigh.

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  1. Wow!!!!! A burst of Summer in this beautiful block.

  2. These are beautiful... I feel your pain, it's been way too long since I've been able to work on my big projects. A break is coming soon, right;-)

  3. These are really lovely. I know it wasn't how it should have been (or how you wanted it to be), but I like the "mistake" block too!

  4. They are so bright and pretty!!

  5. So pretty, I love these blocks!

  6. Love the colors! Really pretty blocks.

  7. Beautiful color scheme! I love your blocks. Great job!

  8. Just popping over from the Lily's quilts meet up. I love these blocks. The colours are just beautiful! I hope you win them and make yourself a beautiful quilt.

  9. I've landed here from Lily's Quilts. What an impressive colour scheme - no wonder you wanted to win!

  10. I love your fixed block! I have been seeing that pattern a lot lately and its really beautiful in that color scheme :)