Monday, February 18, 2013

The Bookworms Are Backing It Up...

We had ourselves a monster snowstorm up here in New England a week ago and while literally snowed it (but still with power - yay!), I managed to piece the back of my Little Bookworms quilt and do some of the detail stitching on it.  When I was first putting all the ideas together for this quilt, I saw the cutest bookshelf fabric online and decided that it would make the most perfect backing for a quilt all about books...doesn't it fit to a tee?

But that alone wasn't quite enough...have you seen this amazing tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy for a bookshelf mini quilt?  I loved it and wanted to incorporate that as well - plus it would be my first time working with selvedges.  I get the obsession now - it's fun!

So I laid out three shelves to divide the backing fabric.  The top two are pretty much straight from Elizabeth's tutorial and here are the results:

For the bottom shelf, I made a vertical stack of books with a little mascot on top:

And a special little label for the girls:

So here's the big picture all ready to off to finish the last 3 blocks and complete the top!

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  1. It is so fun watching this quilt progress. :) Such a clever back!

  2. oh my god, that is so clever! and gorgeous :) I kinda want this quilt for my very own now.

  3. What a fun project, love the book fabric, and the bookshelf is on my to do list, for one day! : )

  4. It's too cute! The backing is so perfect.

  5. I really love this quilt. You have done an awesome job!

  6. Wonderful project. So much fun to look at.

  7. It's absolutely adorable! I just love how you paired the bookshelves with the matching fabric. Love it!

  8. What a lovely quilt. I love the worm on top of the books, so adorable!

  9. I can't decide which side I like better... they are both so fabulous!!! You've done an amazing job on this;-)