Sunday, February 2, 2014

ScrapBeeLicious Rookie Mistake....

Just a few days late, I finally got going on Rachel's blocks as her turn on the ScrapBeeLicious Queen Bee throne.  She requested Anna Maria Horner's feather block in bold jewel tones on a cream or neutral background.

Now, I've done this block before and my few finished blocks are sitting ignored in their very own WIP box...but instead of digging out my old templates, I went back and lazily just printed out new ones.  This seemed like no big deal at the time and I churned out my blocks fairly easily with a Kona bone solid for my background fabric.

And then when they were all done, I squared and measured them to make sure that they were a-ok before mailing them on their merry way.  Oh. Crap.

These lovely blocks are supposed to finish at 9.5" x 18.5" a piece.  Mine were more like 8.5" x 17.25".  What the heck happened??  My best guess is that good old rookie mistake of not switching the "fit to page" to "actual size" detail when printing out the pattern pieces.  Ugh - so dumb.

I was all set to raid my scrap bin again and do them over the right way - albeit even later than these already are.  However, I am pretty fortunate that Rachel is a good and benevolent queen and told me to just send them along as is.  Lesson learned kids - always check that stupid printer dialog box.  Always.

The bright spot in this sorry tale is that I'm already starting to dig back into that WIP box to bring my feathers back into the daylight and check one more WIP off my list.  And bonus - it's a project that's just for me!  No deadlines, no obligations.  Those are by far the best kind of projects to enjoy.


  1. They turned out so pretty! Glad she could make them work. Look forward to seeing your quilt come together, I love these feathers!

  2. OH no! That's such an upsetting mistake to make :( I've just added this quilt to my to do list :)

  3. Selfish sewing is the best ;-) The blocks are so pretty, I'm sure that the mistake can be easily overlooked.

  4. Mine came short too! I think a printer error is to blame here, too. I am also more motivated to dig my feathers back out. You can do it! Can't wait to see your finished feather quilt :)

  5. Mine were also short. I didn't even think about the printer settings! Perhaps we are the majority and only a few remembered and sewed to size. I made 6 blocks trying to get everything right.

  6. Lovely feathers! Its nice to see your inspiration and your blocks! Great job!