Saturday, December 14, 2013

ScrapBeeLicious Festivus-Style and Some Winners...

I needed a little break from the Rangoon quilting, so I decided to pop over to visit Nicole at Modern Handcraft.  She is December's ScrapBeeLicious Queen and requested blocks in any style that used either Christmas novelty fabrics, a Christmas theme or Christmas colors.

Not to be a Debbie Downer or a Grinch but my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, so novelty fabrics have never found their way into my stash and I wasn't sure how comfortable I was in making something overtly Christmas themed.  Fortunately, I've been pinning a lot of snowflakes and winter-themed stuff thanks to my girls' obsession with Frozen and (of course) I have a decent supply of red and green fabrics in my stash, so I decided to try and be festive without channeling Christmas.

Call them my Festivus blocks if you'd like...

Both blocks are paper pieced and they were so much fun (and easy!) to put together.  The snowflake was a free pattern by Tartan Kiwi and I hope that Nicole didn't mind me departing from the red and green request.  But how can you not have an icy blue snowflake?

I did lean a little towards novelty by including a subtle creamy snowflake fabric for the background.

The mittens are an adorable pattern by During Quiet Time - it is slightly more intricate and has some tinier pieces, but the instructions are so easy to follow and assemble and the gorgeous shapes are totally worth it!  I dug out a ruby red fabric with some gold metallic details that I thought made awesome looking mittens and the background fabric has very small green dots that punch up that Christmas-y feel.

I know that this was a total no-no in a SCRAPPY bee, but I did buy that black holly print for the border because I thought it was the perfect thing to complement everything else and bulk up the size to a 12.5" block.  I guess that makes me a double-rule breaker.  Sorry!  But aren't the results sort of worth it?

I hope that you like them Nicole - and that they fit in with all your other Christmas blocks!!  Meanwhile my family and I will be engaging in our feats of strength and airing of grievances...but before we put up the metal pole, let me announce some Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winners!  I was positively blown away by all the comments and new followers - thanks so much for joining me over here at Simple Sewendipity!  There are some fun projects coming up, so I hope that you enjoy the sewing journey.  So the first number that the good old random number generator came up with was...

So the heating pad is yours, wipgirl!  Next up, we're giving away the fabric...

Some Les Amis is coming your way Melissa!  Check your inboxes for messages from me on collecting your prizes and thanks to everyone for entering :)


  1. Gorgeous blocks!! I am so gald I saw this in my feed..I have a block to make as well and X-mas was the request however, I don't celebrate the holiday, I never have and wasn't quite sure how to go about it. I love the snowflake and mittens!

  2. Both blocks are so fantastic! Hopefully those rules are more like guidelines...pretty sure your bee queen is going to love them anyway!

  3. Very nice blocks! I am sure they will fit in quite nicely with what everyone else puts together

  4. Beautiful blocks Stephanie! Thanks for making my mitten! It's adorable in those prints.

  5. Those blocks are adorable! Love 'em!!!

  6. Cool blocks! Love the snowflake colors!

  7. Who needs Christmas fabric?? These are fabulous without them :) great job!