Friday, November 29, 2013

Instead of Sewing...

...I've been mostly just thinking about sewing.  Especially after we took the girls to the movies over the holiday weekend and saw Frozen.  Not only was it a great girl-power sort of fairy tale, it was visually gorgeous.

Image from Disney Concepts & Stuff by Brittney Lee
All the scandinavian designs, the details on the costumes, the colors...everything about it just screamed out quilt to me.

If only I could get all the ideas to gel into something!  But for now I'm good with just letting all this stuff marinate for a while longer.

Image from Disney Concepts & Stuff
And since I've been avoiding the actual sewing machine, I decided to gather the girls together for a baking project instead.  We kept the Frozen theme going with some melted snowman and snowflake cookies (excuse the poor-quality cell photo - they got eaten pretty quickly!)

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  1. Oh these colors are just gorgeous. My daughter has been asking to watch this movie too. Have to take her sometime soon.

    Regarding quilt, the "Image from Disney Concepts & Stuff" image really screams a quilt. That might be a great starting point for quilty inspiration.