Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Contrary and Indecisive...

Hey, hey...even though it's July already, the July block won't be released by Gen X Quilters until this Friday, so I'm all technically caught up with my Sisters' Ten blocks!  Chalk up another point for the procrastinators out there - we get it done.  Eventually.

But the June block - Contrary Wife - really gave me a headache.  The block pattern isn't my favorite which just made me want to drag my feet even more than usual.  Then once I finally made myself drag out all my fabrics, I was racked with indecision.  I forced myself to get one block done at a time, and I was actually pretty happy about my first one.  Everything about it was working together nicely and I was pleased.

Then it was time for number 2.  Again I went back and forth about fabrics - I'm trying to use all of the ones in my Salt Water stash fairly evenly and that includes a couple that I'm not as crazy about as others. I made some choices, but wasn't completed sold on them.  I wanted to use them more out of a need for fabric equality than love.  Paltry enthusiasm in fabric + slightly more enthusiasm in pattern = impending disaster.

It started out simple enough...not holding my ruler as steadily as I should have when cutting half-square triangles. A moment of distraction and loose grip and the whole thing slipped and cut right through the seam to render one side unusable.  Blerg.

Then indecision stumped me again on how to frame those center three squares in this second block.  I was using the blue octopus fabric and only had enough fabric for this one last block - should I do the same as block #1 with two octopus and one anchor?  Nope - I've already got 3 blue octopii out there and didn't want too much of the same thing.  The fabric that I had remaining only allowed for 2 options:  2 anchors/1 octopus OR 2 anchors/1 floral bush - fussy cutting always eats up more fabric than you anticipate.  No matter what I chose, this would be the last use of this fabric so there was no going back.  I hemmed and hawed and then went for the floral/anchor combination.  And immediately regretted it.  Double blerg.

It just didn't have the visual impact that I was hoping for.  Plus the green hexagon fabric leans toward the middle of the green-blue spectrum and it didn't stand out from the background as much as the aqua on block #1.  I got a little grumpy and didn't even want to do my planned picture of all 12 completed blocks together, so I threw them all back in the bin and will give it a fresh look another time.

Oh well - here's hoping for more joy in July's blocks.

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  1. I see what you're saying. But at least you learned from it and you also have an awareness rather than pretendin it's perfect. I love mistakes! To that end, the second block is still lovely, and you prob won't notice when combined with others. Or do we need to find you some more Saltwater charms?

  2. I love your color combinations! The second block has a slightly different visual weight, but I'm guessing you find it helpful when it comes to using it. Always more of a challenge when the fabrics aren't your favorite!

  3. How frustrating! You need to get out the rest of your blocks and see how they look with them. I bet the things that you don't like will fade into the rest of the quilt! Plus, you know we all want to see them together!

  4. 1. go you for catching up. I'm still hanging out with May.
    2. I feel ya on the dragging heels- not my favorite either!
    3. Fussy cuts just mean you get to buy more fabric... right? That's what I tell myself :)

    Happy July!

  5. First of all, your piecing and accuracy is beautiful, as always :)
    Thanks for sharing your experience; it's nice to know someone else has similar struggles :)

  6. Love the fussy cutting of this fabric! It is beautiful with the pattern you are doing.