Monday, July 15, 2013

Finished With Love...

If you've been anywhere near New England lately, you might know that we've been on the verge of building an ark for a while now.  It seems like we've had a few really nice days sprinkled in here and there but otherwise we've had thunderstorms and flood warnings almost daily.  Which makes it really, really hard to take a finished quilt outside and take a photo of it.

In fact, I managed to only grab two - TWO! - of only one side before the heavens opened up and started to pour.  Then I was in such a rush to leave and deliver it to the new owner this morning that I forgot to take photos of the other side!

Major head slap of frustration...

The four shamrocks that I pieced and embroidered with family names were placed in a column on the other side with "In Memory" appliqued across the upper top in a cute Dear Stella orange anchor print.

I quilted it pretty sparsely, only outlining the heart with one echo and then a few radiating lines from it's center.  I wanted it to be as cushy and fluffy as possible instead of having a stiffer texture that can come from heavy quilting.

But just one word of warning - I basted this with my typical 505 spray which hardly ever gives me any problems.  But we are in the midst of ridiculous humidity up here and I think that had an adverse effect on the adhesive of the spray.  I noticed a LOT of shifting and tugging while I was quilting - and I didn't even quilt all that much!  It really gave me a lot of grief and I hoped that my friend wouldn't be disappointed at some of the truly obvious puckering.  I was just heartsick that it would be less than she wanted...

But the most important thing was that she loved it and all the imperfections that I was noticing and obsessing over for the past week meant absolutely nothing to her.  The whole quilt captured just what she wanted - their Irish heritage, her Dad's naval service and veteran status, his love of motorcycles, and lots and lots of love.

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  1. Beautiful quilt! The quilting looks great!

  2. That has been something that has annoyed my whole sewing life; that I can see the imperfections and obsess over them when others don't even notice them! And I am not really a perfectionist, I'd hate to be a perfectionist quilter though.

  3. I had some puckering on a pillow recently but once it was all together you really could barely see it! That is the awesome thing about quilts- even seemingly obvious mistakes really do fade once the whole thing is together.

    BTW, would you mind checking out my new blog? I'm eager for feedback! :)

  4. What a lovely memory quilt, the design is just perfect. If it helps, Old England is having our equivalent of a heatwave which is making sewing difficult too!

  5. Dropped by from Quilt Story to admire your quilt. The weather's so unpredictable this year, I'm having the same problem taking my outdoor photos too! :)

  6. I love how the quilting radiates from the heart. Ack, and it's already gone to its new home! I was hoping I'd get a peek of the back at a meeting. :) I don't see shifting or pulling in the quilting these photos. I am sure that you see it most. Sometimes I find that the less densely I quilt something, the more weirdness like that I get? Might not have been the 505. Or the horrific weather. (what is going ON up here?)

  7. Really great quilt. I'm starting to like all of these quilts that have a shard/shattered look to the piecing. Great job.