Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What Does the (Quilting) Pirate Say?

...or perhaps I should ask where they blog?  Because I've got the answer for you...

My Ron Swanson mini is giving them the stink eye...
This morning in my Bloglovin feed, I saw a post on Molli Sparkles about a fiendish website that is stealing quilty blog content and posting it as their own - pictures, text, all of it - and making it look like original content that we are allowing them to use.  I was convinced that I was in the clear - I am pretty small potatoes after all.

Not so!  A bunch of my most recent posts are on their website lock, stock, and barrel.  I'd encourage all of my fellow bloggers to pop over and put your blog name in their search engine and see what pops up.  If you find your content has been pirated, please reach out to their host engine and file a complaint here.

This issue was first brought to light (I believe) by bitchystitcher.com who also has some great tips for if your blog has been affected by this.  Hopefully if enough of us make a stink, we can put these quilting pirates out of business!

Update:  As of earlier this evening the site is showing an "Internal Service Error" - looks like the quilt police have been putting their authority to good use!  Gotta love this awesome online community :)


  1. That's really distressing to read, but I'm glad to hear that things seem to have ended well. A community I follow on YouTube recently had a similar incident, with someone at a foreign site stealing and posting the created videos as their own. But in that case when the original creator protested, it started a chain of harassment from the site that had stolen the videos. I'm very relieved to hear that things seemed to have ended more peacefully (which, amusingly, I initially typed "piecefully") here.

  2. Thank you for letting us know! Going over right now. . . And, do you know - they've been shut down! :D