Friday, November 8, 2013

Little Bits Add Up...

I'm definitely sorry to say that I don't have another big reveal to share yet.  The Rangoon quilt top is still just shy of being complete, so I didn't end up meeting my self-imposed deadline of an October finish.  I guess I just got carried away with my black and white herringbones!  But since I finished that top, my week has been filled with a few little successes that have been on my to-do list for FAR too long.

I was simply buried under a pile of minky scraps from my cuddle blanket finishes in August and was trying to figure out if they were worth saving.  My oldest kept playing around with them and eventually asked me to make her a scarf with them.  "Sure - that's easy!" I said...and then promptly got around to it two months later.  Ah well - it's done now and checked off the list!  Of course, I still have enough minky scraps for at least 4 more scarfs, but all in good time.

The girls have been pretty interested in painting and crafting lately and our arts and crafts area is always the kitchen table.  Until this point, I had been using a fairly small scrap of laminated fabric that only covered about half the table but a trip with a friend up to Mardens gave me the excuse I needed to finally get off my butt and get some materials for a tutorial that I had seen in the August 2013 Parents magazine for a DIY tablecloth.  Laminated fabric is a mom's best friend - gorgeous fabric to decorate your table and you can clean up food messes, spilled and dried on paint, glue stick remnants and even markers with a simple swipe of a wet wipe.

Wait - did I say proper tablecloth?  How about this instead...I bought 2 yards of this beautiful cranberry Joel Dewberry oilcloth for $10 - that's right $10!! - and simply used my sewing scissors to cut curves around the fabric pattern, slapped it on the table and called it a day.  Check!

And that pesky pair of jeans that has needed a patch for a while now is finally fully dressed with a scrap of Salt Water that's a pretty good color match.  Check!

So not much showstopping stuff happening around here, but it feels awfully good to have so many little things done and off my list!  But speaking of a Showstopper - I saw this new pattern by Don't Call Me Betsy earlier this week and have been drooling over it ever since.  It looks like a lot of work, but certainly seems worth it to me!

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  1. You know, I bought the same laminate and it is waiting for me to hem it into a table cloth or something...I might copy your easy way out!

  2. Love the patch on the jeans, might copy that idea...

  3. I want a minky scarf too! ;-)
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  4. Minky scrap scarf - GENIUS! Now I know what to make my daughter for Christmas! And my sons, and everyone else I know . . . . I have a lot of minky scraps.

  5. Hey, wow!! Perfect patch with that Salt Water scrap. genius!