Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

My sewing space has been a disaster for a while now.  Some people have sewing rooms or studios – I have a corner.  I’m not complaining because at least it’s a dedicated space to sew, its better than when I would tote my sewing machine from room to room, and (miraculously) the girls never seem to poke through drawers where sharp pins and rotary cutters are beckoning to be played with.  But when you have a very small space, it needs to be well-organized and tidy.  Otherwise it looks like a disaster zone.

Welcome to my disaster zone.  Pardon me while I cringe in the corner as you gasp at the piles of craziness and ugliness. Maybe ugliness is the wrong word because it's not ugly…but it’s not the most conducive to creativity either.  And that's putting it kindly.

Most of the not-so-user-friendly stash...

It didn't start out so bad when I only had one project going at a time and I kept my fabric collection up in our storage space.  But for the past 6 months, I've had multiple projects going at once while my fabric stash is in constant use and needs to be close by…and of course the stash keeps growing because I keep buying fabric.  Fabric is literally busting out of my plastic storage bins that are stacked under my sewing table and ironing board.  It’s here there and everywhere and I hate…HATE…digging through the bins to find a certain color or print.  It’s just messy and it bugs me more and more every day.

So I am determined to break out my inner Tim Gunn and make it work.  Right.  NOW.  Because I just can’t stand the mess anymore!   Stay tuned – I’m hoping to have a big “sewing corner makeover” to reveal by the end of the month.  Target here I come…


  1. I think it's spring, because I also had a similar freak-out recently over the state of my sewing room, specifically my stash. I ended up doing a mega re-org using Taz's comic-book cardboard technique and I'm on the road to feeling much better about things. I think this is a war that you never stop fighting though! :)

  2. Can you come do my space when you're done? Creativity is messy;-)

  3. LOL... I'm right with you! I had the before shot on my blog yesterday and now I can breathe again in my quilting room.

  4. I'm in a constant state of organization. It always feels so good when thinks are neat and tidy. But it never lasts more than a day. (The mini quilt over your ironing board is great!)

  5. I wish my space looked as bad as you think yours does. Mine might send you into shock!

  6. I love your thread holder, did you make it or buy it?
    I have a small space to sew and quilt in, recently I had a shelf added and now have the table just for sewing, but it is really nice to see where others sew and you little area is fabm, I really like it.