Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How it all started...

I started sewing about 6 years or so ago.  I couldn’t even tell you what jumpstarted in my brain – I had never used a sewing machine except for one failed attempt at a blanket on my mother’s Singer as a tween – but I got it in my head that I ought to be able to sew.  If only to hem a pair of pants or make a simple skirt, it seemed like a good skill that I should have.  I taught myself to sew straight from the manual of the cheapest sewing machine that I could find and was able to do a semi-decent job at following basic patterns.  

But as much as I had fun sewing, I never even considered making quilts.  Quilting didn’t exactly sound like the hobby of a 20-something and when I thought of quilts, I imagined yards of fussy looking flowered calicos.  It all changed when I went into a fun and funky boutique one day and saw these GORGEOUS quilts in shabby chic shades of random fabric squares – chenille, flannel, cotton, silks.  Looking at those throws made me realize that quilts could be whatever you wanted them to be.  Any shade, any pattern, any fabric – is there anything more appealing than that? I started teaching myself to quilt from an Alex Anderson book and her pattern for the Friendship Star was my very first quilt. 

I still had a bit of trouble though – it seemed like most of the quilting books out there just weren’t my style.  And I was younger than most of the other customers in my local fabric stores.  I needed to find some patterns and fabrics that I loved and decided to check out what was available online…and Oh. My.  Goodness.  There was so much out there in the blogosphere that was AMAZING that it was practically crippling.  And this thing called “modern quilting” – it all seemed right up my alley! So I’ve been lurking around various blogs and tutorials for a couple of years and only recently got up the courage to join a modern quilt guild.  I wish I had done it sooner…the level of talent and creativity that I see at each Show and Tell is inspiring and makes me want to get home and start a brand new project every time!

So thanks for checking me out and I hope that you like seeing my stuff as much as I like making it!

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