Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guild Hopping...

The BMQG Mini Quilt Challenge at our exhibit during the Lowell Quilt Festival

Well yesterday was a bit of a quiltapalooza for me.  In addition to our usual monthly BMQG meeting in the afternoon, the very first meeting for the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild was held in the morning. What a treat to start out talking quilts from 10 in the morning and go all the way to a sew-in until 4 in the afternoon!   Now, I'm fairly new to this whole guild world but I have loved being part of the Boston group.  It's a lot of younger women and moms like myself and the projects are constantly inspiring me to try new things and explore new fabrics and skills.  But it is a bit of a drive to meetings and with my schedule and little ones at home, all the extras like the sew-ins and additional meetups are typically out of my reach.  So when I heard that some of the Boston members were organizing a Seacoast chapter that would be a bit closer for some of us NH and Maine members, it sounded like the perfect solution!  Except for that one little personality quirk of mine...I don't like change.  (Wait, does ANYONE like change??)  After all, I've just gotten to know some of these members and am starting to feel comfortable in the group...and now I have to do it all over again?  Sigh.

Now I'm not saying that I'm leaving Boston for Seacoast - after all dues are all paid up through the spring, so there's no reason for making any changes until then.  But once renewing comes along, I'm feeling pretty torn.  In all honestly, I'd really love to remain a member of both guilds...but it feels a little greedy.   I don't think that my husband would squawk too badly about an extra weekend afternoon away and clearly I'm worrying about something that hasn't even happened yet.  Is this just quilt guilt that I should swallow and enjoy the extra creative time?   Are any of you out there members of multiple guilds that can give some advice? 


  1. No quilt guilt!!! I'd try them both out for awhile and see which one you enjoy more. Who can say no to more quilting time;-)

    1. Thanks Alice! :) Turns out that I talked to the hubs about it and he doesn't mind at all and told me to go for it - so I worried for nothing at all. Typical!