Monday, September 15, 2014

Dusting off the Cobwebs...

Can you hear the echo in here?

I've been sadly neglecting the blog because I've taken a little sewing sabbatical over the summer and there wasn't a whole lot to blog about!  But I've started to dust the cobwebs off the old sewing machine and I'm catching up on some past due Scrapbeelicious blocks!  But before I show off some blocks later this week, let me show you the last project that I tackled before my sewing mojo went on strike :)

The last summer dress that I tackled was a huge success and so while I was riding on a garment-making high, I also decided to try the second pattern that I bought which was the Leanne Marshall #1877 pattern for Simplicity.  I actually went back into the large cut of Honey Honey that I got in the big old February fabric binge and got down to work.

Am I the only one who feels like the pattern piece cutting and marking are the longest steps to the garment making process?  Or maybe I've just picked out some good patterns lately?  Either way, I was pretty happy because in two days I had a finished dress!

The details in this pattern are so pretty!  From the flutter detail on the shoulders to the perfect pleats at the waist, this is delicate (but not too precious) from head to toe.

If I had to make it over again, or if I went back and made a second one, I'd add some side darts to cut down on the underarm wings and give the sleeves a bit more definition.  And maybe I'd bring up the v-neck a bit.  It can get a little gape-errific and my chest doesn't really need the extra attention ;)

This dress got worn quite a bit - but not nearly as much as my other two - over this summer.  It even made an appearance at the last SMQG meeting where quite a few of us were wearing our handmade lovelies :)

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  1. Pretty! Looks fabulous on you. Must feel so good to wear ones own make xx.

  2. The dress is adorable!!! It's good to take a break when you need it... mine has been a bit of a forced vacation but I'm happy to be getting back to my studio:-)

  3. That's lovely - a great pattern, I'm sure - but you made it!