Sunday, August 4, 2013

(Probably) Never to be Repeated...

I have some breaking and shocking news for you all...I did not procrastinate on something.  In fact, I went at break neck speed to finish my bee blocks that we just got instructions on 3 days ago.  3.  Days.  People.

I'll pause while you all catch your breath.

Ashley from Wasn't Quilt in a Day is the Queen for the month of August in our ScrapBeeLicious hive and she requested Converging Corners blocks.  Now, this block is something that I am pretty darn familiar with, so there was no learning curve or studying tutorials - I was able to just jump in with both feet!

The main difference from Film in the Fridge's original (and my) version was that Ashley requested just a plain center in Kona White which will end up giving her quilt some seriously gorgeous negative space to work with.  As far as the color palette, I'm just going to quote her post here:  color vomit.  Sounds gross, but it is really so, so lovely.

Photo courtesy of Wasn't Quilt in a Day
Color vomit and saturated jewel tone scraps with no low volume/blacks/greys/browns?  I think I've got this covered...

So here are your two Converging Corners blocks Ashley - lots of rich saturated colors with a little extra fuchsia punch thrown in.

I had so many scraps in such great colors that I had a really hard time narrowing it down - so I ended up making each of my corners a little extra scrappy.  I hope that Ashley doesn't mind!  Since my previous experience with Converging Corners was color-planned and organized to the tee, it was so fun and freeing to mix it up and be super scrappy!

In fact, this may be the first time that I haven't worked with a set color scheme.  I've always thought that scrappy wasn't my thing, but Ashley may have changed my mind!

They are heading your way so I hope that you love them!

And an extra little apology to my other worker bees - I seriously doubt that I will ever be this ahead of the game again.


  1. I cannot handle how much I LOVE these blocks! This is making me even more excited about my choice! They look stunning and the fabrics are perfect. absolutely perfect. I am also so impressed with how quickly you did these - I am also a procrastinator! hahaha.

  2. Wow!These blocks are amazing. You're a pro. Love the color scheme looks awesome too!

    I have this on my todo list. Will definite ask your tips when I'm doing these.

  3. How could she not possibly love them! Good job :-)

  4. these blocks are great! Scrappy color vomit does indeed sound gross, but my favorite quilts are done like this. It is a really fun way to sew!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. They look great. I didn't even think to do different colors per corner. I'm afraid mine will look boring next to yours now :p I really can't wait to see how they all come together... now we just have to wait the WHOLE month to find out, lol!

  6. They look amazing! The quilt is going to fabulous!

  7. Ummm, those are sooo awesome that I actually just contemplated heading down to my scrap bins...when really I should be heading up to bed!!!! AHAHA!!!

  8. Oooh how pretty! All that white in the middle of those thin strips of color. Love it and can't wait to see it all come together.

  9. I am so disappointed that our move made me miss this whole bee getting together! Maybe next time. I love your blocks, they are so pretty!

  10. I love your blocks--they are so bright and luscious! I made my two today and now I feel like I want one of these quilts too. My list is just never going to get shorter. Good job getting them done way early!

  11. These are so cheerful and happy!!! What a fabulous quilt this will be:-)

  12. These blocks came out great! You put me to shame since I am still "thinking" about making my blocks - guess I better get moving.