Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Blame the Quilter's Brain...

Hi.  My name is Stephanie and I have a quilting problem.  How do I know this?  There are so many reasons, but Number #152 is that my daughter showed me her latest drawing and instead of praising her artistic abilities, I immediately said "Oooh.  That would be a neat quilt!" 

I did eventually remember to tell her she did a good job.  It just happened to come second.  And then I took a picture of her drawing so that it could go in my inspiration folder for future quilts. 

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  1. That would be a great quilt! Perhaps she'll be a quilt designer :)

  2. Too funny! But make sure you are keeping it in the inspiration folder. It is like getting the Mom seal of approval, after all.

  3. Cute story. And it WOULD make a great quilt!

  4. I've done that too...my husband made something in a computer game and I took a screenshot and want to turn in into a quilt.

  5. Absolutely agree, your daughter's color choices are inspired and you would have a charming quilt. Thanks for sharing!