Sunday, December 16, 2012

Here Ye, Here Ye...

...Circle Peeps have arrived!  After an exceedingly long work in progress and with some lifesaving suggestions from the BMQG meeting, Circle Peeps has been quilted and bound and is ready to...well, I'm not sure.  It will stay in our house for now anyways, but I'm not married to the idea of keeping it. 

I had just enough of the rainbow strips to make a panel for the back, and added in a little knight's horse just for an extra touch of whimsy. 

I really struggled with the quilting of this - not because it was difficult but because I love doing Angela Walter's chain squares pattern but still have not forced my machine into free-motion quilting submission.  Which meant that at every corner of every square, I was rotating this quilt through the tiny throat of my machine.  That's a lot of twisting and rotating!

It probably took the better part of a week of quilting a half-hour here and there and it was making me a little...resentful...toward the quilt in general.  But once the quilting was done and the binding was in progress, I started loving it again.

I was originally thinking that it would be fun to do a bright stripe for the binding, but couldn't find any fabric that I was really in love with for it.  Instead, I though this beige dot would be a nice compliment to the rainbow top.  Ah, the satisfaction of a finish!! 

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  1. This came out beautifully!!! Your quilting looks amazing... FMQ can be so frustrating but that makes it an even bigger accomplisment when it's all done:-)

  2. This turned out awesome. Yay for finishing it! Isn't it a great feeling to have this one all done?

  3. Awesome! Just found this in flickr and knew it was you!

  4. Its really wonderful! Love it!

  5. beautiful work. It looks like a challenging project, but well worth the work. It turned about wonderful.

  6. Stephanie,
    i have a thing about dots (circles, polka dots, any sphere really) so this quilt is awesome and grabbed me. i look at your artistic work, and i think this woman deserves one day need to get a "long arm quilting machine" or sans that expense then do the patchwork but pay someone with a long arm to do the quilting part which is usually only $.15 square inch. I use someone with a long arm and it lessens the frustration and keeps the art of putting colored fabric together alive and well ;) you my dear are so darn GOOD at this.